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Sharmin Sultana*, Sadman Shoumik,
Corresponding Author: Sharmin Sultana, Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Received: 19 May 2021; Revised: 14 June 2021; Accepted: 16 June 2021 Available Online: 05 August 2021
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Bangladesh, with its superb characteristic all-encompassing magnificence and authentic spots, has a tremendous potential to be a destination for worldwide vacationers for earning foreign currencies. Diverse places of interest are found everywhere in the country. It is partitioned into all the regions. Rangpur is a district situated in the northern part of Bangladesh. It is well known for its natural beauty. Rangpur can be potential destination to generate more tourists. This place is a combination of raw beauty and vast culture. The purpose of the paper is to present the potential destinations of Rangpur and develop some ideas to develop and promote the areas. The paper is qualitative in nature and based on secondary data. The study deals with the description of different popular and unpopular tourist spots of Rangpur district, to develop some marketing strategies for promoting the destinations and to identify some problems in case of promoting the tourist destinations of Rangpur district. Then the study is concluded with some policy recommendations.

Keywords: Destination, Marketing, Tourism, Rangpur, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country with restricted territory yet unlimited excellence. The variety of the climate and regular attractions has made Bangladesh a position of crude magnificence. Mangrove forests, Pleistocene hill tracts, swamp forests, sea-beach, waterfalls, coral islands, lakes, and a lot more, all in a country with 1, 47,570 sqm territory. There is something else that is very enormous in number. It is the number of inhabitants in Bangladesh. Around 170 million individuals dwell here. Fulfilling this colossal measure of individuals with a restricted land is a seriously difficult task to be done, in any event, for the travel industry area.

Rangpur is a district in northern Bangladesh. Under the Rangpur division (one of eight divisions) composed of eight districts of northern Bangladesh, the District of Rangpur is bordered on the north by Nilphamari District, on the south by Gaibandha District, on the east by Kurigram, and on the west by Dinajpur district. The foundation factors of the study are descriptions of the spots, transportation systems, to-do and not-to-do, available video links, recommendations, and comments. This would give a person or specifically a tourist a total overview of the destination.


There are many popular tourist attractions in Bangladesh. Travelers are interested to visit natural, archeological, historical and artificial places that can satisfy their thirst for travelling. Bangladesh is one of the beautiful countries in the South Asian region for its natural beauty and hospitality. However, the country is still far behind in attracting tourists compared to other neighboring countries in South Asian due to poor planning and inappropriate marketing for this industry (Karim, 2018).

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (2015), the total contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP was BDT627.9bn (4.1% of GDP) in 2014. It is forecasted to rise by 5.9% to BDT 314.1bn in 2015.It is forecast to rise by 6.5% pa to BDT1252.8bn (4.4% of GDP) by 2025.The total contribution of Travel and Tourism to employment was 1,984,000 jobs in 2014 (3.6% of total employment). This is forecast to rise by 2.1%pa to support 2,492,000 jobs (3.6% of total employment) by 2025. (Redwan, 2014) highlighted the importance of the tourism industry in Bangladesh along with its benefits in socioeconomic development. The contributions of the tourism industry are multifaceted, such as GDP contribution, employment generation, foreign currency earnings, infrastructure development, investment opportunities, poverty alleviation, government earnings, and cultural development.

Ferdoush & Faisal, 2014 have shown the significance of tourism from many angles like economic, social, cultural, and political. The contribution of tourism to GDP is less than one percent.

Roy & Roy, 2015 discussed that tourism can bring many economic, social and environmental benefits, particularly in rural areas and developing countries, although mass tourism is also associated with negative effects.

Parveen, 2013 investigated the current growth and development of the tourism industry and examined some limitations and challenges of the industry. She suggested some policy measures to resolve its existing barriers as claimed by the respondents.

Karim, 2018 analyzed that, the highest number of people (36.50%) preferred their travel destination is Chittagong division followed by Sylhet division (23.05%) and Dhaka division (14.35%). However, remaining divisions such as Rajshahi, Barisal, Khulna, Mymensingh and Rangpur have a growing number of tourists for historic reasons.

The contribution of tourism has increased recently. Plenty of tourist destinations are developed and promoted in Bangladesh. Some research studies have articulated the importance and role of the tourism industry in the economy of Bangladesh. There is a significant research gap to identify the tourists' places in Rangpur district, Bangladesh.


To highlight the potential destinations in the Rangpur district.

To develop some marketing strategies to promote the destination.

To identify some problems of Rangpur in the case of promoting tourist spots in Rangpur district and provide some recommendations.


Different sources of data were used to conduct the study. It can be categorized into two types. Secondary data
District brand book


Data from tourist police.


There are some limitations to completing this paper. Such as:

Lack of information about different places.

The government officials have a strong disinclination for giving information.


Overview on the tourist destinations of bangladesh

Bangladesh, with its dynamic characteristics all-encompassing magnificence and authentic spots, has a tremendous potential to be a destination for worldwide vacationers for earning foreign currencies (Zahidul, 2018). For instance, its south-eastern part is well known for mangrove forests, the sea, and seashores. The south-western part is renowned for mangrove backwoods. The north-eastern part is additionally renowned for lakes, slope parcels, and falls while the north-western part is generally old and plain. We can discover a lot of old structures there.

The nation is partitioned into 8 divisions. Every division is renowned for its particular spot. In the Dhaka division, there are around 422 potential spots. Lalbagh fort, Ahsan Manjil, Dhaka University area, Jahangirnagar university area, National martyr monument, Shahid Minar, Ramna park, different historical mosques, and a lot others are potential destinations of Dhaka district. Mohera zamindar palace, Shalban Bihar, Bangabandhu safari park, Waribateshwar, Bhawal palace, Raj shwashaneshwari temple from Dhaka division to visit. Chattagram is the most extravagant division for regular attractions. There are most likely 475 spots to visit in the Chattagram division. Patenga sea beach, Chandranath Hill, Mohamaya lake, Khoiyachora falls, Foy’s Lake, Cox’s Bazar Sea beach, himchori, Teknaf, Saint Martin Island, hill valleys of Rangamati-khagrachari and Bandarban, Mainamati Bihar of Comilla, and many different spots are must be visited in this division. Rajshahi Division has 225 potential places of interest whereas Khulna has 238 and Barisal has 114. Sylhet division has 128, Mymensingh has 82, Rangpur has 150 plausible spots to cover. Among the historical places: Lalbag Kella in Sonargaon, Mahasthangarh in Bogra, Shatgombuj Masjid in Bagerhat, Mujubnagar in Meherpur, etc. are famous. These spots have become very popular with people. These places not only give us joy and refreshment but also remind us of history. Among the places of natural beauty: the Sundarbans, the biggest sea beach of the world Cox’s Bazar, tea gardens of Sylhet, a vast part of Chittagong Hill Tracts, etc. are mainly known. These places have become famous not only in our country but many people from all over the world also come to make a tour here. Besides these, there are many other places. Kuthi Bari, the house of Rabindranath Tagore, Sagordari, the house of Michel Modhusudon Dutt, Uttara Gonovobon in Nator, etc. are also very popular and famous sights in our country. Whenever we go there, they soothe our eyes and please us with their charming beauty. Rangpur District area 2370.45 sq km, located in between 25°18' and 25°57' north latitudes and in between 88°56' and 89°32' east longitudes. It is bounded by Nilphamari and Lalmonirhat districts on the north, Gaibandha district on the south, Kurigram district on the east, and Dinajpur district on the west.

Rangpur was conquered by the army of Raja Man Singh, a commander of the Mughal emperor, Akbar, in 1575, but it was only until 1686 that it was fully integrated into the Mughal Empire. Place names such as Mughalbasa ('Mughal locality') and Mughalhat ('Mughal market') bear testimony to the Mughal association and past of Rangpur and its hinterland. Later on, Rangpur passed under the control of "Sarker '' of Ghoraghat. During the period of the British East India Company, the Sannyasi Rebellion took place. In the case of naming, it is popularly known that the name came from the former 'Rangpur' in time. It is known from history that the English started cultivating indigo in the subcontinent. Due to the fertile soil in this region, a lot of indigo was cultivated here. The locals knew that blue by the name of Rang. In the evolution of time, from that color to Rangpur and from that to today's Rangpur. Another popular idea is the former name of Rangpur district in Rangpur. The name Rangpur comes from the naming of Rang Mahal by Bhagdatta, the son of Pragya Jyotishwar Nar. Another name of Rangpur district is Jangpur. Due to the prevalence of malaria, some people called this district Jampur. However, the Rangpur district has been the main base of resistance to the movement since the distant past. Therefore, the name Jangpur is considered as the original name of Rangpur. Jung means war, pur means city or town. People from the villages were often killed by the British or died of malaria. So, ordinary people were afraid to come to the city. The battlefield of Rangpur district in the distant past can be said without a doubt. Rangpur was termed as Lal Rangpur because of the way in which the peasant movement developed in the district in the late thirties.


Built privately on about 100 acres of land, this recreation center is constantly buzzing with the noise of different species of birds. Various species of birds can be seen in its trees. In the evening they return to their nests. Thousands of local and foreign trees are being decorated in Vinajagat. Here visitors can wander all day in the shade of trees. As soon as the government crosses the main gate of the Vinajagat, the government will see an iron bridge in front of the government. Once the bridge is crossed, it is as if another world is inside a Vinajagat. Here are the wonders of the modern world and the country's first planetarium includes Robot Skrill Zone, Space Journey, Water Wave, Sea Paradise, Strange Cave, Boat Trip, Shapla Square, Sculpture of Birshreshtha and Language Soldiers, Walk Way, 3D Movie, Fly Helicopter, Merry Go Round, Lake Drive, Swimming Pool Fishing arrangements. At the same time, there is a picnic arrangement for at least 500 individual groups. There are at least 8/900 car parking facilities inside only. There are 6 cottages. There is also a three-star model Dream Palace. The water body here has the facility of navigating. There are statues of kangaroos, elephants, horses, and other animals for children. There are various species of ornamental trees planted around the water bodies of Vinajagat. Vinajagat has Bangladesh's First Planetarium, Robot Skrill Zone, Water Wave, Space Journey, Strange Cave, Sea Paradise, Shapla Square, Boat Trip, Walk Way, Sculpture of Birshreshtha and Language Soldiers, 3D Movie, Merry Go Round, Fly Helicop Swimming pool, fishing tackle, and spinning head. Vinajagat Recreation Center was established in 2001 covering an area of about 100 acres.


Chikli Beel is a beautiful tourist destination next to Rangpur city. This bill is heard in the chirping of various birds. This reservoir is famous for the arrival of guest birds in winter. The city corporation builds the entire area as an amusement park by conserving around the bill. The city authorities have also set up various types of rides including trains and wheelbarrows to entertain the children at Chikli’s Bill. But visitors are frustrated as most of the trains, wheelbarrows and other rides for children are crippled. If the rides are revived, many more people will come to Chikli Bill as a means of entertainment.


Hati Bandha Mazar Sharif is a traditional place. Even today, people come here from different places every Saturday. There is a huge pond in front of the shrine. People vow here and there in the hope of getting rid of danger.


Before discussing the Keramatiya Mosque, it is necessary to shed some light on the person with whose name this mosque is closely associated. Maulana Keramat Ali (R), the most successful and glorious person of the Islamic reform movement in Bangladesh, was born in Jaipur in 1800-183 AD on 17 Muharram 1215 AH. Throughout his life, he was devoted to the propagation of Islam. He came to Rangpur to preach Islam and is fast asleep in Keramatia Mosque. The mentioned mosque is rectangular. Its inner dimensions are 42 feet x 13 feet. The width of the east and west walls is 3 feet 3 inches, and the width of the north and south walls is 2 feet 10 inches. Probably due to modernization and reform, there is some discrepancy in measurement. The height of the mosque is 18 feet from the ground level. The mosque has three (high) round domes. The domes are built on octagonal drums. At the bottom of each dome are Marlon ornaments, and in the dome is placed a callus motif phenol or pinnacle above the blossoming lotus. In each corner of the mosque, there are octagonal pillars adorned with cupola.


The zoo is one of the best entertainment centers in the Rangpur district. Thousands of beauty-thirsty and travel-loving people from different parts of the country visit this zoo every day to refresh their weary, depressed, and depressed minds and to enjoy the endless joy. Rangpur Amusement Park Zoo is located in the heart of Rangpur city. This amusement park has 26 species of animals and birds. Notable lions, Royal Bengal Tiger, Cheetah Tiger, Hippopotamus, Hyena, Bear, Monkey, Baboon, Deer, Moyna, Tia, Eagle, Vulture, Stork, Buck, Crocodile, Python, etc. There are also rows of the various forest, fruit, and medicinal plants. There is a beautiful lake and a children's park. Rangpur Amusement Park Zoo is located on a total land of 22.17 acres. Its construction work started on 14 August 1986 at a cost of Taka 1 crore 80 lakh 1 thousand and its construction work was completed in June 1999. It was opened to the public on June 14, 1991. The zoo has 18 officers and staff, including a deputy curator and a junior officer.

Jharbishla (tomb of poet Hayat Mamud)

The rich age of Bengali literature is the Middle Ages. Poet Hayat Mamud was born in 1893 in the village of Jharbishla in Pirganj Upazila of Rangpur district. Although his father's name was Kabir Mamud. His notable books of poetry: Janganama, Sarvada Bani, Hitjyan Bani, Ambia Bani, etc. The great poet died in 180 AD, the last representative of the medieval style of poetry.

Itakumari zamindar house

Shivchantra Itakumari, the eldest son of Rajaraya, the first zamindar of Itakumari, founded in the 19th century, is the founder of the zamindar bari. Then Shivchandra and Devi Chowdhurani led a revolt and protected the peasantry of Rangpur from the tyranny of Devi Singh. This Itakumari area was the most educated and cultural area in the whole of India. Hence it is termed as the second new island of undivided Bengal. King Shiva Chandra was the zamindar of Itakumari. He established this manor house. He led the peasant revolt of Rangpur from this zamindar's house. In 1783, the historical tenant revolt of Rangpur took place from the house of Itakumari king Shiva Chandra. In 1783, anti-British Shiva Chandra and Devi Chowdhurani led a tenant revolt and protected the peasantry of Rangpur from the tyranny of Goddess Singh.

Tajhat Zamindar House

The Tajhat zamindar house is located in an attractive environment surrounded by greenery next to the present Agricultural Institute in the corner about 4 miles east-south corner of the Rangpur Museum. In front of the zamindar's house, there are 4 huge ponds dug in contemporary times. From the present Tajhat Bazaar, passing through the main gate on the north side, one can gradually cross the main entrance of the zamindar's house a few hundred yards to the west. The Tajhat zamindar was originally related to Gopal Lal (GL Rai), son of Govinda Lal, locally known as the Tajhat zamindar. The real founder of this dynasty was Mannanlal Roy.

Mithapukur Mosque (Boro Mosque)

The mosque is covered by three rectangular domes. It is known from the inscriptions that the mosque was built on Friday 1217 AH -1218 AH and by Sheikh Sabir, the father of Sheikh Muhammad Asin, the eldest son of one Sheikh Moazzam in 1811 AD. There is no doubt that it was made during the pre-Muslim period. The name of the place is Mithapukur. The idea was made towards the end of the Mughal period.

Begum Rokeya Memorial Center

To protect the memory of Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain, the pioneer of women's awakening, for Rs. The infrastructure includes Mulbhavan-14,610 sq ft, well-equipped auditorium with 250 seats (with sound control system), well-equipped seminar room with 100 seats, well-equipped library with the capacity of 10,000 books with reading facilities for 50 readers, and research room with necessary furniture. It is the house of the pigeon zamindar. Being the birthplace of Begum Rokeya, it has gained more recognition as her home.

Dewanbari Zamindar House

Phanibhushan Majumdar is the founder of the Dewanbari zamindar house. Phanibhushan Majumdar was born in 1892 in the womb of Kusum Kumari Devi, the second wife of Radharman, the zamindar of the Dewan house. The zamindar's house is a small two-story building, but its entrance is like a Mughal-era fort-gate with gatekeepers' rooms on either side. When the zamindari system was abolished in 1950, at one stage the house was auctioned off. At present, a school and some business establishments have been established here.

Lal Dighi Mosque

The mosque was first discovered in the Indian subcontinent during British rule. Later, after cleaning the place and renovating the mosque, the locals started using it. The exact date of the construction of the mosque is not known as no inscription was found at the time of its discovery. However, according to legend, Dilwar Khan built the mosque. However, a spot on the top of the main door of the mosque suggests that the name and construction of the mosque were most likely placed there, although it was not found. The Laldighi Mosque is built entirely on an altar. The height of the altar or stage is 1 meter. Half of the one-meter altar covers the mosque and the other half is thought to have been used for the call to prayer. There is a large entrance in front of the mosque. There is a staircase from one part of the mosque to the other side of the altar. The mosque was built using bricks and mortar. Nearby is a small pond with a ghat. The mosque has a total of nine domes with a length of 9.45 meters on each side. The mosque has a total of 9 entrances, three each on the north, east and south sides. The entrance in the middle of each wall is slightly larger than the other two. The west wall of the mosque has three arches, of which the central arch is larger than the other two.

Shashat Bangla

Liberation War Museums were established in different parts of the country to collect, preserve and display the monuments and monuments related to the glorious Liberation War of Bangladesh. Following this, on the initiative of Rangpur Cantonment, the Liberation War Museum "Shabashat Bangla" was established on 31 January 1995 in Rangpur. The museum displays weapons, maps, rare photographs, various posters, magazines, books, and other documents used during the liberation war.

Mithapukur Three-row Mosque

The mosque has three rectangular domes measuring 10.6 m. In the middle of the east side of the walled courtyard in front of the mosque, there is a magnificent entrance arch with its architectural features and four corner towers at the four corners of the mosque. There are three semi-circular domes at the top. There are three entrances on the east wall of the mosque and a total of five entrances on the north and south. The three mihrabs, the front walls of the mosques, the parapet walls, and the drums of the domes are adorned with beautiful panels, herbs, flower geometric designs, and serpent-like designs.

Rangpur Carmichael College

Rangpur is one of the historical places of Bangladesh. Carmichael College still stands proudly today, in the lush greenery of a quiet, serene burial ground, three miles south of the hustle and bustle of the present district town, and greets countless students, seekers of knowledge, and tourists. Carmichael College GL Roy was formed in 14 AD with the help of all the local-hearted, wealthy, and zamindars of the time.

Mosque near Begum Rokeya House

The idea was created around the eighteenth century. It is an archeological site listed by the Department of Archeology of Bangladesh. This mosque has now been rebuilt. The mosque is located in front of Begum Rokeya Memorial Center. But if one wants to see the ancient mosque, one cannot, because there are only some parts of the ancient mosque standing here which remain hidden from the eyes of the people.

Fulchouki Mosque

Fulchowki Mosque is an ancient mosque in Mithapukur Upazila of Rangpur district in Bangladesh. It was built during the Mughal period. It is an archeological site listed by the Department of Archeology of Bangladesh.

Dargah of Shah Ismail Ghazi

It is an ancient shrine in Pirganj Upazila of Rangpur district. It is an archeological site listed by the Bangladesh Department of Archeology. It is thought to have been built towards the end of the Mughal period. It is a famous place of Pirganj police station in Rangpur district.

Laldighi Temple

Laldighi Temple is an ancient structure located in the Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. It is an ancient temple in Badarganj Upazila of Rangpur district. It is an archeological site listed by the Department of Archeology, Bangladesh.

Bagduar Mound

Bagduar Mound is an ancient temple located in Mithapukur Upazila of Rangpur division of Bangladesh. Bagduara is a landmark like many old ones lost. The actual existence of the present is inferred by looking at some of the ruins. It is an archeological site listed by the Department of Archeology, Bangladesh.

Rokto gourab and memorial

Memorial near Rangpur-Badarganj Road in Bangladesh. The memorial has been erected in memory of the people who surrounded Rangpur Cantonment on March 26, 1971, and the freedom fighters who were martyred in the war of independence (Banglapedia, 2015).

Slaughterhouse Memorial

The Dakhiganj crematorium massacre memorial in Rangpur city was closed 10 years ago after partial construction. It is the same today. According to the Public Works Department, part of the monument was constructed at Dakhiganj crematorium in Kamalkachhana, two kilometers away from the city, in May 2008 at a cost of Tk 7 lakh on 4 percent land.

Ananda Nagar

Anandnagar Picnic Spot, the only sculpture-rich picnic spot in Pirganj Upazila of Rangpur, has attracted the attention of the people of the country since 2008 as a picnic spot. At the main entrance, there is a cannon commemorating the heroic freedom fighters of '71 and a guard saluting on horseback. Charky, children's toy train, toy plane. Shyamal Babu, a sculptor from Chandipur village, has made several beautiful sculptures.

Chaprakot Mound

Chaprakot is an ancient monument of the ninth-tenth century in Badarganj Upazila of Rangpur district in Bangladesh. It is locally caparakota Monastery or lohanipara Monastery, also known as. Four kings of a dynasty with the title of Vardhana are found here. An ancient inscription of Uddharkut is preserved in the National Museum of Bangladesh. It is an archeological site listed by the Department of Archeology of Bangladesh.

Kataduar Dargah

Kataduar Dargah is an ancient site located in the Rangpur Division of Bangladesh. It is an ancient structure belonging to Pirganj Upazila of Rangpur district. It is an archeological site listed by the Department of Archeology, Bangladesh. Kataduar is located about 11 km south of Pirganj.

Payra square and Shapla square

Payra square and Shapla square are located in the Rangpur district and Shapla Chattar is a roundabout/traffic circle located in Rangpur.


There are various destination places and all of them need good strategies for making them highlighted among people. Some strategies can be implemented for promoting different destinations.

Define the Unique Selling Points

The single most important step for any organization engaging in destination marketing is to take the time to clearly define what makes a destination unique. There is a gigantic scope of ways a destination can bear outing, like one-of-a-kind exercises to offer guests, or remarkable regular highlights, similar to mountains, seashores, or volcanoes. It very well may be that the area has an entrancing history, or one-of-a-kind tourists’ spots, similar to the Eiffel Pinnacle, the Domain State Building, or the Incomparable Mass of China. Maybe the way of life of the area is its remarkable selling point and guests would need to head out to encounter nearby occasions, exhibition halls, or sports clubs. Attempt to distinguish however many USPs as could be expected under the circumstances.

Define Target Audience & Market

One more of the best spot advertising systems include recognizing government intended interest groups. Consider who is probably going to need to visit the destination and why. Frequently, the government should separate this into a few unique crowds, whom each may have various purposes behind needing to make a trip to the area. For example, it may very well be that the destination advances to the government in a whole year, and old couples make the most of their retirement. It is possible that it offers to individuals who appreciate outside wearing exercises and individuals who need to unwind on the seashore. Everyone likewise needs to think about the various gatherings, like vacationers, business explorers, and understudies. At last, consider whether certain business sectors are bound to be more intriguing than others. This could mean individuals in close by nations, on the off chance that the government has superb vehicle connections or individuals who communicate in a similar language.

Utilize Data for Analytics

It can get and use huge measures of information, for various purposes. For instance, the association's site can permit the government to utilize devices like Google Analytics to get some answers concerning government guests, what their identity is, the place where they came from, and what their inspiration was. On the other hand, anyone can discover data about existing guests, like the normal age, regardless of whether spotting requests more to men or ladies and what strategies for transport they use. Whenever we have assembled adequate information, we can break it down to recognize the best individuals to contact, the most ideal approaches to contact them, and the best messages to push.

Brand the Destination
Marking is a strategy utilized by organizations, to make them effectively recognizable. The idea of marking can incorporate logos, shading plans, and other plan standards, just as mottos or rehashed utilization of certain phrasing. At last, marking is tied in with being conspicuous and standing apart from others. This standard can be reasonably effectively applied to a spot. Attempt to concoct a lucid shading plan, utilize a slogan that says something regarding the actual destination, make hashtags for individuals to use via online media, and attempt to be pretty much as steady as conceivable with government special informing, so that individuals become acquainted with it.

Include All Stakeholders

A critical segment of destination administration includes paying special mind to the interests of different partners, to build up trust and encourage commitment. The partners may incorporate authorities from government, nation, city, town or state, just as lodgings, attractions, eateries, shopping settings, travel planners, and visit administrators. Attempt to concoct destination promoting procedures that urge these different gatherings to take an interest and backing a destination. Check whether the owner can get partners to consent to utilize a portion of more extensive destination marking, and to run their own promoting or showcasing efforts, to expand guest interest.

Make an Amazing Destination Website

Despite their explanations behind voyaging, most of the explorers presently utilize the web to investigate their destination before booking. A destination site is an ideal spot to exhibit interesting selling focuses, discuss straightforwardly with destination audience(s), and advance government destination through pictures, recordings, and computer-generated reality visits Government can utilize the site to furnish voyagers with the entirety of the data they need in front of their excursion and to advance convenience alternatives, attractions, occasions, spots to eat and drink, and that's just the beginning. Significantly, the government site is improved for versatile clients, while an on-location blog can assist with urging individuals to continue to return.

Site Improvement

At the point when individuals use web indexes like Google to search for things identified with destination or highlights that destination can offer them, the authority needs to ensure their site is close to the highest point of those internet searcher results pages. The most ideal approach to do this is to make an extensive site improvement technique. This includes exploring watchwords, making content that destinations those catchphrases, and utilizing a scope of different procedures to improve your arrangement. Governments can likewise utilize SEO standards to advance recordings and pictures as well. A location blog can be helpful here as well, as it will give people a lot of new substance to advance with vital watchword utilization.
Online Media Strategies

Online media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram fill in as an ideal way to contact individuals and advance spots. In truth, the spot advertising systems on the proposal here are practically perpetual, from straightforward special posts, pictures, and video content, through to rivalries and surprisingly popular substance or images. Moreover, most web-based media stages offer paid-to-promote openings, like notices or supported posts. These can support the permeability of web-based media advertising endeavors and can be focused on quite certain socioeconomics, which means the government can target individuals dependent on age, gender, area, and surprisingly their internet perusing propensities.

Web-based Advertising Strategies

The data and information gathered about guests and intended interest groups can be utilized to educate the internet public. Utilizing this data, people can target search publicizing to explicit areas, pay for show promoting on the correct stages and advance substance on outsider sites your intended interest group use. Furthermore, re-advertising permits to contact individuals who have recently drawn in with the site, or DMO's online media channels. This enables the authority to help individuals to remember your objective, realizing that they have as of now recently shown interest, which can be incredible for urging them to focus on a visit.


Rangpur is an agricultural area. This region is far behind in terms of industrial establishment.
One of the major problems is communication. Communication takes 13 hours from Dhaka to Rangpur.
The intercity roads are also not in good condition to go to the spots.
There is a shortage of electricity in Rangpur.
People can’t find the proper places to visit.


There may be different industrial policies for building industries. So, industries should be set up for more people. Because of this many people will come there and this industrial advertisement makes this place more popular. So, entrepreneurs in the region will have to be subsidized. Garment factories can be set up here.

The highway needs to be upgraded to four lanes. The government needs to encourage investors in the region.

These roads should also be constructed as soon as possible.

This deficit must be eliminated. Because tourists won’t be happy with the services of these areas. The local government along with other private sectors should work together to solve this.

Local guides should be introduced by the local government.

Water logging can be repelled through a good drainage system.


Bangladesh is one of the underdeveloped nations having a shortage of this account; however, they can expand their GDP, by offering pressure to the travel industry. From a, generally speaking, perspective, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation is the only one-government supplier of the travel industry administration in Bangladesh, which rehearses present-day promoting ideas. Nonetheless, in some areas, they are lingering behind. There are a lot of opportunities to earn foreign and local revenue from this sector but this sector is ignored. The researcher presented the possible tourists’ destinations to draw the attention of the policy formulating committee. The researcher has put forward some recommendations. If Bangladesh Tourism Board follows these recommendations, in the long run, it will become a revenue-generating destination (Sanjay, Chandra & Mallika, 2015). In Rangpur, every spot should be given more care and the government should take care of these spots. Otherwise, Bangladesh cannot generate income from this potential sector. Also, non-governmental organizations should be encouraged by the government to work together for the sake of the development of the tourism industry in Bangladesh. This paper is based on mainly assumptions and secondary data analysis. Further study can be possible with some primary data analysis method.
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